Leadership at SJFVC

In 2016 the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County began functioning as a 501(c)3, independent from Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF).


SJFVC Board: 

The requirements of the board have increased dramatically as we have become a predominantly volunteer organization.  Our current members bring a diversity of skills and hands on experiences that will definitely be put to the test. We have also increased the size of the board with our goal being 12 to 15 members.


SJFVC 2018 Board

SJFVC Board after a recent meeting (left to right):

Kelvin Hau, Paul Fischer, John Griffin, Jennifer Suzanne Lopez, Shoshana Brower,
Betty Stapleford, Bruce Benson, Angeles Arroyo and Michael Teasdale.
(a couple Board Members are missing)


SJFVC Board Members & Staff:

Michael Teasdale

Michael is currently Board Co-Chair

Betty Stapleford

Betty is currently Board Co-Chair

Angeles Arroyo

Angeles is a Board Member and past Executive Director of SJFVC

Kelvin Hau

Kelvin is a Board Member and college student

Paul Fischer

Paul is a Board Member working remotely from George Washington University

Bruce Benson

Bruce is a Board Member, webmaster and main tech resource

John Griffin

John is a Board Member, SJFVC treasurer and recent head of the Ventura Democratic Party

Casey Rogers

Casey is a Board Member

Rabiah Rahman

Rabiah is a Board Member

Shoshana Brower

Shoshana is a Board Member

Martita Martinez-Bravo

Martita is the SJFVC Executive Director

Open Board Position

This is an open SJFVC Board Position

Open Board Position

This is an open SJFVC Board Position