SJFVC Leadership

SJFVC Board Members & Staff:

Michael Teasdale

Michael has been a Board member since 2014 and is Chair

Rabiah Rahman

Rabiah has been a Board member since 2018 and is Vice-Chair

Martita Martinez-Bravo

Martita joined SJFVC in 2018, is now the SJFVC Executive Director and has worked with many nonprofits in Ventura County

John Griffin

John has been a Board Member since 2012, is the SJFVC treasurer

Bruce Benson

Bruce has been a Board Member since 2014 and is our webmaster & main tech resource. Bruce is retired, was originally a exceptional ed teacher (8 yrs), followed by 25+ yrs as a programmer/analyst.

Kelvin Hau Canche

Kelvin has been a Board Member since 2018 shortly after graduating high school. He has been our youngest board member.

Casey Rogers

Casey has been a Board Member since 2018 and has worked with many foundations and nonprofits

Dr Kim Marra Stephenson

Kim joined the board in Aug 2020. She is a career educator (currently in the Oxnard Union HS District), founding member & president of the VC Women's Forum Collaborative, community organizer, and 2016 VC Woman of the Year for CA Senate District 19.

Mari Estrada

Mari joined SFJVC in 2021 as a board member and has worked with non-profits, early childhood and higher education agencies.

Angel Garcia

Angel joined SFJVC in 2021 as a board member. He grew up in La Colonia in Oxnard, received his BA in Organizational Communication from CSUCI, was a District Rep for State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and now works as Exec Aide to Supervisor Carmen Ramirez.

Elidet Gordon

Elidet Bordon uses her marketing skills to give back to the community, including mentoring young students in the publishing industry and hosting community fundraisers for farm workers. Elidet is also a marketing consultant for small and local businesses.

Leadership at SJFVC

In 2016 the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County began functioning as a 501(c)3, independent from Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF).


SJFVC Board: 

The SJFVC board is an all-volunteer organization.  We look for our members to bring diversity, skills as well as hands on experiences enhancing our potential for success. Our goal is that the size of the board will be approximately 12 members.

Random Board Photos