Leadership at SJFVC

In 2016 the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County began functioning as a 501(c)3, independent from Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF).

SJFVC Board: 

The requirements of the board have increased dramatically as we have become a predominantly volunteer organization.  Our current members bring a diversity of skills and hands on experiences that will definitely be put to the test.

2018/19 SJFVC Board


Betty Stapleford
Michael Teasdale


John Griffin 

Administrative Director:

Open position

SJFVC 2018 Board


SJFVC Board after a recent meeting

(minus a couple)


Angeles Small
Bruce Benson
Casey Rogers (not pictured)

Diana Goodrow (not pictured)
Kelvin M Hau Canch
Paul Fischer
Rabiah Rahman (not pictured)
Shoshana Brower