The best way to engage with SJFVC is to get involved.

Opportunities for showing your support for our organization and equality in Ventura County are endless.



Attend Events

There are a variety of SJFVC events during most years. They have offered attendees opportunities to find out more about SJFVC, meet and connect with others interested in helping the fight for social justice and of course, meeting some of those battling their specific fights.

Below are some past examples:

  • Bus Tours (of grantee organizations, etc.)
  • Salsa Dancing Fundraising Night
  • "Sweat for Justice" Zumbathon


Donate Time

SJFVC is primarily a volunteer-driven, activist effort in the fight for social justice. This means that the donors and supporters make the decisions and are actively engaged in driving SJFVC ideals forward.

SJFVC welcomes all community members to volunteer in whatever capacity they are most comfortable with. Our range of involvement opportunities include:

  1. Volunteering to help (one time or several): fund development, education, event planning
  2. Hosting a gathering at your home to introduce friends to the work of SJF
  3. Help SJFVC spread the word about our success stories, spread the need for social change philanthropy and educate the community at various churches, clubs and professional groups
  4. Writing about social justice and the work we do –  send us letters to post on our website, on Facebook, write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces
  5. Telling stories – helping those working on the front lines (grantees and applicants) to tell their powerful stories of people changed by this work – through photography, videography and the written word
  6. Helping with mailings and a variety of other tasks

For more information on how to get involved, contact SJFVC, at


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