Our Partners


Institutional Partners

From day one, SJFVC has sought to work with others to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies so that most dollars could go to the community and there would not be duplication but instead, collaborative efforts.   To that end SJFVC has developed a number of partners. Currently, SJFVC has two institutional partners.

  • Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF) has been an integral partner to SJFVC and was once the fiscal sponsor and host for SJFVC.  Today that partnership continues, though changed, as SJF has has become a 501(c)3.  Collaborating with VCCF as well as Ventura County grassroots organizations is an ongoing priority.

  • Coastal Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) has been an integral partner to SJFVC since its inception, providing a critical liaison role to potential grantees and the grassroots organizations SJFVc works to strengthen.  The Executive Director is a SJFVC donor and member of the Steering Committee, and co-chairs SJFVC’s Education Committee. CAUSE serves as a lead advocate for grassroots groups and provides technical assistance in identifying and securing input from these organizations, and has developed a communications mechanism to link them to SJFVC.  CAUSE plays an essential role in SJFVC’s goals to expand education and technical assistance activities to strengthen social justice efforts in our region.

  • Although not formal institutional partners, SJFVC has also worked closely with the Fund for Santa Barbara and Liberty Hill Foundation – two social justice grant-makers who serve other regions but nevertheless who have provided valuable advice and assistance during our formative years.