Fellowship Grant Process

(step by step)

Summary of Fellowship Grant Application Process:


  1. The desired applicant(s) have demonstrated records of emerging leadership in Ventura County and/or shown a potential for leadership (see "LOI guidelines" for further details on the characteristics of emerging leader), 
  2. The applicant(s) will identify a project addressing a social justice issue in Ventura County and have a financial need to implement the project (see "LOI guidelines" for more details). Explain how if addressed, the project can increase impact in our community, 
  3. The application should identify a sponsor who is either an established non-profit in Ventura County or a subject matter expert such as a professor who will mentor for the project, 
  4. All funded projects shall affect Ventura County, CA and align with the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County’s mission to promote fairness, equity, and human rights, 
  5. The grant application process requires filling out and submitting a Letter of Interest (LOI), 
  6. The LOI will be reviewed and ranked by members of the SJFVC board. If the project is shortlisted, the applicant will present a project summary with Q&A in front of the selection committee. 


More questions, email us: socialjusticefundvc@gmail.com

Normal Fellowship Application Timetable:
(exceptions may occur w/board approval)


SJFVC begins to receive LOI's from applicants (2 months),


SJFVC board reviews LOI's and selects shortlist for presentation and final review (2 months),


  • Fellows are selected and notified,
  • Grant cycle, milestones and payment cycles are identified and agreed upon,
  • Fellows provide headshot photo, bio and project summary,
  • Project/s begin!ssroots campaigns related to a variety of issues.