In 2017, Social Justice Fund for Ventura County (SJFVC) began selecting a periodic / annual theme

focusing our grant campaign on a specific social justice issue, or problem.

2019 Campaign "not yet identified"

The Board of Social Justice Fund for Ventura County is working with past grantees, donors and others to identify our next theme.

2018 Campaign "Immigration"

Immigration has become one of the most volatile issues in our national politics. In California and here in Ventura County many of us are either dealing with these issues directly or know someone who is.  Locally there are many organizations that have been fighting these battles for years, but in today's climate the need has skyrocketed and time is of the essence. Social Justice Fund for Ventura County will be trying to help these efforts where we think we can have the greatest immediate effect.

2018 Grantees

2017 Campaign "Implicit Bias in Education"

Implicit bias can have different meanings for different groups, but the common thread will be a perceived implicit or unconscious bias experienced by a group within the public school/s in Ventura County.

Implicit bias may affect the quality and / or equity of the educational experience that a group or individual encounters.  The effects may be multifold including the creation of artificial limitations, including future aspirations, continuing education and eventually income. These biases may be based on racial, economic, gender, sexual orientation or other factors.

2017 Grantees