Get to know our 2020 Fellows

01. Michael & Rabiah Intro (4:10)

02. Kavita Rai Presentation + Q&A (15.58)



03. Sara Guillen Presentation (5.37)


04. Elibet Valencia Muñoz Presentation (6.01)


05. Sara and Elibet Q&A Session (16.59)

Other Videos


On February 02, 2021, SJFVC's Rabiah Rahman was a guest speaker at the Ventura County Board of supervisors meeting where she presented a "Moment of Inspiration" celebrating 2021 Black History Month. Rabiah reminded us that Fredrick Douglas once said, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress". Additionally, she then goes on to emphasize the need to "celebrate the struggle of black people while at the same time acknowledging their many accomplishments".





On July 10, 2020, SJFVC's Dr. Martha Martinez-Bravo participated in the 13th Documentary Panel Discussion - How We Got Here, hosted by Chalice Community Forum, Social Justice Fund for Ventura County and Chalice Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Conejo Valley. The panel also included Michelle Grue, UCSB Assistant Teaching Professor of Writing and Literature and Libby Higgins, Political Strategist, Activist/Organizer. This video is the portion of the panel presented by Dr. Martinez-Bravo.

On Sat. June 02, 2020, the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County supported a young Black emerging leader in our community (Mikiiya Foster) through her advocacy work at this BLM Solidarity March. Excellent job to all of the organizers for a successful and peaceful event, including our Executive Director, Dr. Martha Martinez-Bravo.




On Thurs. July 16, 2020, SJFVC's Rabiah Rahman and John Graham joined the "Policing & Racial Justice: A Community Dialogue for Ventura County" put on by Indivisible Conejo. Community members talk back to Ventura County law enforcement about racial profiling, school resource officers, changing youth attitudes toward policing, and needed reforms. And our cops will listen and respond in real time. Please join us for this important conversation! Total time: 

  • Total time: 1:24:12,
  • John Graham: starts 59:35 - 1:04:55 ,
  • Rabiah Rahman Starts: 1:13:38 - 1:24:12,