The Hidden Prejudice Event on Sat. 02-25-17, sponsored by Social Justice Fund for Ventura County (SJFVC) was the first step and it seemed to be quite a success.

As the kick off for SJFVC’s current (2017) campaign, the event focused on “implicit bias in education”.  The culmination will be in late June (2017) when SJFVC will award grants to assist organizations working on projects focusing specifically on “implicit bias in education”.


How to apply for a 2017 grant

Groups / organizations interested in applying for a 2017 grant, for work on “implicit bias in education”, should print and follow the information on this

(make sure you have version #3)

SJFvc’s LOI Guide v3        (updated 03-17-17)

  • Side one: Provides a short list of instructions on how to apply,
  • Side two: Lists SJFVC’s 2017 Grantmaking calendar


Summary of the Hidden Prejudice Event

There was a diverse group of approximately 70 people that participated in this morning workshop led by two experts in the field. First was Jarrod Schwartz, Executive Director of Just Communities in Santa Barbara, followed by Carmel Saad, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Westmont College. Each briefly explained discussed “implicit bias in education” as well as it’s often undesired consequences. Both presentations had three basic parts:

  • short presentation of basic research and theories in the field,
  • interactive exercises to help participants identify their own implicit biases and
  • follow-up discussions and Q&A.

Pictures from the event: 


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