Social Justice Fund for Ventura County awards another $3700

to local Organization in the fight against COVID 19

May 7, 2020 - The Social Justice Fund for Ventura County (SJFVC) has awarded $3,700 to Friends of Fieldworkers. The grant will pay for masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE) for farmworkers. Farmworkers are essential to the nation’s food supply, and Ventura County is home to over 40,000 farmworkers. They have been working throughout this pandemic without adequate PPE provided by their employers. Fields of Fieldworkers’ seeks to provide these vital resources to farmworkers, which is key to the health of farmworkers and the effort to maintain a secure food supply to our community.

“Tens of thousands of fieldworkers in Ventura County, now recognized as "essential" by our government, work day after day, unprotected in the fields. No masks. Inadequate sanitation. Harvesting all of our fruits and vegetables. Thanks to this donation lives will be saved,” says President of Friends of Fieldworkers, Judy Lucas. Fieldworkers work long hours, often in close proximity, which is understood to be the most common way the Coronavirus is transmitted. The award will go directly to community mask-makers, who are sewing masks around the clock to provide PPE to first responders and medical personnel. With this grant, farmworkers will be added to list of essential workers being provided with the necessary protective gear to do their job safely in midst of this global pandemic.

SJFVC is a non-profit fundraising organization which promotes fairness, equity and human rights for all Ventura County residents. SJFVC strengthens social justice by funding community members to create lasting change and investing in community organizing – the process of bringing people together and helping them develop their voices, realize their power and collectively act to create systemic change in their lives and communities. Over the last 14 days, the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County has awarded $13,700 in grants to local organizations in the fight against the COVID 19 global pandemic.

For further information on this grant or the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County
please contact:

Michael Teasdale, Chair of the Board, Social Justice Fund for Ventura County, 805.405.1792


Martita Martinez Bravo, Executive Director, Social Justice Fund for Ventura County, 310.713.1862


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