SJFVC Creates COVID19 Emergency Fund

Dear Friends and Supporters:

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting every aspect of our lives and making all of us find creative ways to adapt to this unprecedented situation. The Social Justice Fund for Ventura County (SJFVC) understands that this disruption has created many issues and uncertainties – from childcare and meals to income and employment, as well your health and that of your families. During these difficult  times,  we need to remember that the impact on marginalized and low-income communities will be even greater. Many of these families were already living their life in crisis, and the Covid-19 pandemic only adds to their distress. 

First of all, the Board of SJFVC wishes all of you the best of health and urges all to respect the guidelines and advice of the health authorities so we limit the virus’ effect.  We have been updating our facebook page with useful medical information that can be easily shared, so that we all do our part to "flatten the curve". Secondly, as we approach our granting season, we will be directing the resources of the SJFVC to address key issues addressing the  impact of Covid-19 in Ventura County. True to our values, we will strive to support our vision that all residents, including low-income and marginalized communities, have equitable access to resources.  This crisis has made the struggle for fairness and equity even more important today than ever.   With this in mind, the Board of SJFVC has decided to take the following actions:

  • In late March 2020, we created a $10,000 SJFVC Emergency Fund for local community organizations to address issues brought up by the coronavirus pandemic.  We met via teleconference with several non-profit organizations and we have sent out the application process to provide grants as quickly and effectively as possible. 
  • SFJVC is creating Social Justice Fellowships to help build new social justice leadership in Ventura County.  For this year, the fellowships will fund emerging leaders to provide resources for our local social justice organizations.   We will be informing you more fully of this action in the coming weeks.

The Board of the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County will keep you informed of our actions and we would appreciate your support. 

Again, thank you for support and the best wishes for your health and safety.

Board of the Social Justice Fund for Ventura County 

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